Quang Nam
3 days 2 nights
Trek, camp, khám phá văn hóa
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Tour overview

If the mossy forest and the rhododendron forest on K’lang Peak are truly an Avatar world, the Po Mu ancient forest is a mysterious powerhouse, and the solemn of the Satyrs’ Forest within thousands of years, the Erythropheleum Forest will be a capture of survival, adventure that we usually find in those episodes of Bear Grylls movie.

Trekking The Erythropheleum Forest route starts from the Tary Village, Lang Community, follows the Lang Stream to Lang River and goes to the Bung 4 River hydropower reservoir which belongs to Nam Giang region. This trekking will go through the ancient Erythrophleum Fordii Forest which has many oldest Erythrophleum that reach 200 years old. Along the trekking route, we could find a lot of giant trees with a big trunk that requires groups of more than 10 people huge around.

  • Departure from: Da Nang

  • Min: 6 people

  • Destination: Quang Nam

  • Max: 15 people

  • Duration: 3 days 2 nights

  • Best season: Dec - Sep

  • Activities: Trek, camp, khám phá văn hóa

Images & Videos
Day 1: Da Nang – Tay Giang - Tary Village

11:00: A driver will pick the group up at the Umove Adventure’s office in Da Nang. Get on the bus to Tay Giang. We will have lunch along the way in Dong Giang. 

16:00: Reach Tay Giang, the bus drives the group to Tary Village which belongs to the Co Tu ethnic group. The village elder will welcome you and tie a bracelet to your wrist (such as a village’s welcome ceremony) for those reasons wish for good health, and a successful trip. Stay 1 night at a homestay, and have dinner with much special food that brings the local food taste at Guoi House.

After dinner, we will have a cultural performance around a campfire with the Co Tu ethnic group in the village.

*Meals are included: dinner

Day 2: Trekking, and camping at the Erythopleum Fordii Forest

07:00: Breakfast at the homestay. Packing for the trekking trip to explore the ancient Erythopleum Fordii Forest.

08:30: Begin the trek. From Tary Village, we will do trekking following a big stream, and get through the forest to Lang River.

12:00: Lunch break under the bamboo shelter of the local people in the forest. After lunch and rest, we will carry on hiking to the forest site.

16:00: After around 3 hours of hiking stand by the stream and the primary forest which is an area of many thousands of years trees, we will get to the campsite near Lang River. The place where we will pick the tent, cook, and sleep is the ideal spot to enjoy and swim in the River.

18:00: Having dinner, and staying at the campsite.

*Meals are included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 3: The Erythopleum Fordii Forest - Bung River Hydropower Reservoir - Nam Giang - Da Nang

06:30: Having breakfast at the campsite. 

07:30: Start the trekking to Bung River Hydropower reservoir.

10:30: Meet the boat at the end of Lang River. From here, we start SUP paddling to get into the Lake of Nam Giang. After around 1 - 2 hours of paddling, we will have a lunch break at an island in the Lake.

16:00: Reach the boat station, and get on the bus back to Da Nang. Finish the program.

*Meals are included: breakfast, and lunch

Inclusion & Exclusion

Tour fees include:

  • Bus round trips: Da Nang – Tary Village – Da Nang
  • Sleep at Homestay in Tary Village
  • Sleep in a tent at the campsite
  • Tour guide and Porter
  • Meals ( detail in the program)
  • Trekking equipment (refer to the supplied equipment by K’lang Adventure)
  • Drinking water every day
  • Snacks for hiking days
  • Welcome ceremony at the Tary Village
  • Performance
  • Fees like environmental protection and visit
  • Travel Insurance

The tour fee does not include: 

  • Fly ticket
  • Personal fees
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Tip for a tour guide and a porter

*Notes: Ratios is 1 participant/1 porter

Departure schedule
Departure day Finish day   Tour cost
Difficulty of the activity

Difficulty Level (6/10): Most people can participate in the tour, children from 6 years old and above also can join with parents. It will be easier and more comfortable for you to experience outdoor activities if you have good preparation for physical training before the trip. The duration of each trip is 2 days generally. With those trekking tours at this level, it might take 2 – 3 hours/day to do the trek with the quite easy terrain. At the same level, the kayaking and SUP tours, 2 – 3 hours/ days paddling with the large water surface, and plenty of times to take photos and rest as well.

  • Experience/ skills requirement: Low
  • Physical requirement: Medium
  • Duration: 2 – 3 days
  • Outdoor activity duration: 4 – 6 hours/day
  • Children: From 12 years old can participate.  


Suggested physical training: Practice running or kayaking/SUP 1 - 2 weeks in advance. Run twice a week, each session 3 - 5km every night. Or paddling from 2- 3 times, each time is 5 km.


Equipment provided by Umove

  • Trekking Poles
  • Trekking gloves
  • Leech prevention medicine
  • Tents, Sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses
  • Tent’s light
  • Chair, and table at the campsite
  • Bowl, plate, spoon, fork, and cup
  • First aid bag (2 bags are carried by tour guides)

Personal essential stuff that needs to be prepared:

  • Trekking backpack 10L - 20L
  • Trekking, and walking shoes
  • Trekking socks
  • Jacket with 2 layers
  • Sweaters, and fleece sweatshirts
  • Cap or hat with a wide brim
  • Long pants
  • Undergarments
  • Poncho
  • ID card or Passport
  • Water Bottle ( 1 liter)


  • Personal hygiene stuff
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Flashlight
  • Multi-tool
  • Backup batteries
  • Mobile phone, camera

Essential info
  1. Travel insurance
  1. Refer to the postpose policy, and cancel the tour in the requirement and instructions tại đây
  2.     Read and sign the exclude all liability before departing:

The customers who buy adventure tours from Umove Adventure have enough awareness about the level of challenge as well as other physical challenges and other potential dangers during the tour. Hence the customer is asked to read and sign the Exclude all Liability form before departing. Find the form below and read it carefully.

                    Phiếu miễn trừ trách nhiệm.               

  1.   Trek Notes.
  • The trekking day to the Erythoplum Fordii Rorest is from 8-10km in length. This trekking path does not have a high elevation, but the terrain is complex such as the soil, and rocky trail; moreover, in some parts, we have to cross the stream.
  • For those terrains, we need to prepare trekking shoes with high-quality cohesion and quick dry ones.
  1. Food and drink
  • All lunches in the forest are quite simple; however, they are rich in nutrition and bring the unique taste of that local. All the main meals including chicken or pork grilled, pork cooked with jungle vegetables, boiled jungle vegetables or stir fry, and fried egg are eaten with bamboo rice or sticky rice. Dessert is a popular fruit like oranges and watermelon. Breakfast is often instant noodles or cassava soup cooked with jungle vegetables.
  • Daily drinking water is water bottles. Besides the personal water which is brought by each person (around 1L/person), a porter will carry a certain amount of water to drink for the next day. On the trekking route in the Erythoplum Forest, the boat will come to pick up on the second day so drinking water also come along to provide the group; however, each of us should bring around 1L/per person. 
  • To limit the use of single-use plastic, we recommend that you bring a water bottle (reusable type) to refill water every day.
  • Hot drinks such as coffee and tea are available for breakfast at the campsite
  • We recommend each of us prepare snacks on our own (biscuits, energy bars, chocolate,...) in case that you need them.
  1.   Camping
  • Double tents (2 people), mattresses, and personal sleep bags are given at the campsite in the forest. On the mountain, the temperature might drop and freeze so consider wearing more layers when you sleep because the sleeping bag is quite thin.
  • Each tent is given a light to use for each tent and for dinner time.
  • Toilet tent at the campsite. Digging a cathole as used for toileting and covering the hole after use.
  • At the campsite, chairs, and tables are used for mealtime and relaxation.
  • Eating utensils will be provided at meal times during trekking.
  1. Protecting the environment together
  • Umove Adventure supports and practices Leave No Trace principles in each program and outdoor activities itself. We also encourage our customers and partners to apply to Leave No Trace principles when traveling in the outdoor environment. See details about the Leave No Trace tại đây
  • In order to limit the use of single-use plastic, Umove Adventure encourages each of us to prepare for ourselves a bottle of water with a 1L capacity for daily water refilling.
  • On the tour, tourists comply with the instructions and regulations on environmental protection at the destination.
  1.     Medical alert
  • We only provide first aid during the tour and do not provide any oral medications so if you have health problems that require preventive medicine, please prepare for your own.
  • If you have cardiovascular disease or bone and joint diseases (knees, ankles, shoulder joints, etc.), you should consult your doctor before deciding to join the trip.

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