Nghe An
3 days 2 nights
SUP, Culture discovery
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6.200.000 VNĐ
Tour overview

This is one of the most adventurous expeditions in the series of Umove Adventure Extreme. This trip to Western Nghe An is really pristine, and spectacular; moreover, it will involve us hiking through the jungle and crossing the river to get to Co Phat Village which belongs to the Dan Lai People. After 1 night of camping at the river bank, we will paddle the SUP to conquer more than 20 rapids on the Giang River, the most beautiful part of the Pu Mat National Park region.

It is neither a normal exploration nor a gentle trip. This is an adventurous and challenging trip that actually helps you to know your limit. And the gift for your participation is priceless.

*Taking part in this tour means you contribute to the 18K Project to help children who are learning to change their lives at Dan Lai, Mon Son boarding school. Reference tại đây


  • The SUP paddling point is the most interesting and challenging in the North Center
  • Untouched and magnificent sceneries.
  • Be trained in paddling skills before and during the tour.
  • Support boat follows in a whole paddling period
  • Departure from: Hanoi

  • Min: 5 people

  • Destination: Nghe An

  • Max: 15 people

  • Duration: 3 days 2 nights

  • Best season: Apr - Oct

  • Activities: SUP, Culture discovery

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Day 1: Hanoi – Pha Lai (Con Cuong)

06:30: Meet at the starting point, and get on a bus to Nghe An. Our destination is Pha Lai Commune, Mon Son Ward, Con Cuong District. On the way, we will stop at Hon Mat to have lunch. After lunch, we will continue moving to Pha Lai. Stop at the number 0 landmark on the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road to take photos.

14:00: Reach Pha Lai. We will get on the boat at Pha Lai Boat Station, and travel the opposite way with the Giang River, traveling over many rapids to get to Le Village, a small Village of Dan Lai, and Thai People located on the Giang River’s bank. The rest of the time in the afternoon, we will practice paddling, and swim in the river. At night, we will sleep over at a Dan Lai People’s house.

*Meals: Lunch, and dinner

Day 2: Le Village - Co Phat Village

07:00: Having breakfast at the homestay. After that, we will pack our stuff on the boat and get ready for a trekking trip which is the opposite way to Giang River to reach Co Phat Village, the Dan Lai People’s Village located in the center of Pu Mat National Park. This trek is not too difficult because of the terrain; however, interesting. There are a couple of times that we have to trek along two sides of the Giang River as well as cross the strong rapids. Along the way, we will stop to have a picnic lunch.

15:00: At Co Phat Village. Pick the tent at the river bank in Co Phat Village. For the rest of the afternoon time, we will visit a Village, practice SUP paddling, and swim in the cold water of the Giang River. Showering, and doing hygiene in the border station inside the Village.

18:00: Having dinner, and having a conversation with soldiers, and local people. Sleep at the campsite.

*Meals are included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Day 3: SUP paddle to Pha Lai - back to Ha Noi

07:00: Get up and have breakfast at the campsite. 

08:00: Pack our equipment, and prepare for the SUP paddling trip, paddle through the rapids, and follow the Giang River toward Pha Lai. Before starting to paddle, a tour guide will guide us on paddling to have a successful trip. From Co Phat to Pha Lai, we have more than 20 Rapids that must be overcome.

15:00: Come to Pha Lai. Take a shower, and take a rest before having dinner.

17:00: Dinner at Pha Lai. Get on the bus back to Ha Noi. Finish the program when getting back to Ha Noi.

*Meals are included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Inclusion & Exclusion

Tour fees include:

  • A bus Ha Noi - Pha Lai - Ha Noi
  • SUP & certain accessories for Rapids crossover.
  • Supporting boat
  • Meals in the program
  • Homestay at Le Village, camping at Co Phat
  • Tour guide, Porter
  • Drinking water every day
  • Entrance fees to go into Pu Mat Nature Reserve
  • Travel Insurance


The tour fee does not include: 

  • Transportation before and after a tour 
  • Others' personal fees
Departure schedule
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Difficulty of the activity

Difficulty Level (9/10): The highest risk level. Only for those who have good physical strength, experience in outdoor activities, and perseverance. This is a tour to explore new destinations or challenging terrain areas, and wilderness. This level requires the participants to be self-sufficient a lot such as tent pitching, cooking, etc. Highly recommend that team members in well well-prepared in physical training and equipment.

  • Experience requirement/ skills: high
  • Physical requirement: high
  • Duration: 3 – 4 days
  • Outdoor activity duration: 7 – 8 hours/day
  • Children: Unsuitable  


Suggested physical training: Practice running or kayaking/SUP 1 month in advance. Run three times a week, each session is 5km. Or paddling from 3 times, each time is 5-7km.


Equipment provided by Umove

  • SUP and accessories
  • Life jacket
  • Helmets, knees, and elbows support.
  • Dry bag
  • Trekking Poles

Personal essential stuff that needs to be prepared:

  • Water shoes
  • Sandals, Crocs
  • Water Bottle ( 1 liter)
  • Full-cover swimming suit (rashguard), hat, sunglasses, long sleeves, sunblock, etc.
  • Back up clothes
  • Personal medicine
  • Towel, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Mobile phone’s waterproof bag
  • Mobile phone, Camera, Battery backup, suitable waterproof bag,…
  • Personal documents. 


  • Headltorch
  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Hygiene bag
  • Multi-tool
Essential info
  1. Travel insurance
  1. Refer to the postpose policy, and cancel the tour in the requirement and instructions tại đây
  2.     Read and sign the exclude all liability before departing:

The customers who buy adventure tours from Umove Adventure have enough awareness about the level of challenge as well as other physical challenges and other potential dangers during the tour. Hence the customer is asked to read and sign the Exclude all Liability form before departing. Find the form below and read it carefully.

                   Phiếu miễn trừ trách nhiệm.                

  1.     SUP/ Kayak, and Trekking Notes.
  • On Trekking day, we will hike around 12-15km from Le Village to Co Phat. This trekking trail follows the river. We have to cross the river which has a low water level, and a strong current many times.
  • While hiking, luggage, SUP, and camping stuff will be transported to Co Phat by boat, so we need the 10-20L backpack to carry our food, water, and others while hiking.
  • A local people will lead the way for the group during the period of getting in and out of Pu Mat.
  • The SUP paddling trip from Co Phat to Pa Lai is 18km in distance and follows the current. There are around 20 Rapids including small, and large on this pristine River section. The participants have to follow safety guidelines from a tour leader.
  • The supporting boat accompanies us while paddling. In case you want to stop paddling and using the boat, please inform the tour leader.
  1. Campsite:
  • The campsite at Co Phat is a boat station in the Village. We will use the bathroom and the washroom of the border post inside the Village.
  • Umove Adventure will prepare the tents, mattresses, and sleeping bags for the participants.
  1. Food and drink:
  • All lunch meals when trekking and paddling are sticky rice (or bamboo rice), BBQ meat, or meatballs, and fruits. Dinner at Khe Con, and Co Phat is nutritious with a variety of food; moreover, with local cuisine. Breakfast is chicken porridge or instant noodles with vegetables and eggs.
  •  If you are vegetarian or dieting, please inform the UA executive department in advance to prepare an appropriate meal for you. In case, you have a special food requirement that we could not meet your need (cause of health, medication, religion, etc.). We suggest you bring your food.
  • Drinking water will be provided on a bus and during paddling time. Umove Adventure encourages customers to limit the use of single-use plastic and nylon products, so we recommend that you bring a water bottle (reusable type) to refill water from the large drum provided by us.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed during SUP paddling, Kayaking, or trekking. 
  1. Protecting the environment together 
  • Umove Adventure supports and practices Leave No Trace principles in each program and outdoor activities. We also encourage our customers and partners to apply to Leave No Trace principles when traveling in the outdoor environment. See details about the Leave No Trace session here
  • In order to limit the use of single-use plastic bottles, Umove Adventure encourages each of us to prepare for ourselves a bottle of water with a 1L capacity for daily water refilling.
  • On the tour, tourists comply with the instructions and regulations on environmental protection at the destination.
  1.     Medical alert
  • If you have cardiovascular disease or bone and joint diseases (knees, ankles, shoulder joints, etc.), you should consult your doctor before deciding to join the trip.

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